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Alginate is amazing.

Its non-toxic, inexpensive, easy to use, lots of fun and it can make highly detailed molds of just about anything. Alginate is used by millions- from dentistry, to taxidermy, to lifecasting, to prosthetic medicine, to special effects makeup- alginate has been around for 80 years and will be around for another 80.

Accu-Cast is an authority on alginate. We’ve been making it for 45 years and we make more different alginate formulas than ANYONE. We have what you’re looking for.

Help me decide

If you’re not familiar with our alginates, we’d like to help. This GUIDE will help you decide which of our many formulas will be best for your project. We’re also here to help you via phone or email. We want you to be successful because “happy customers are repeat customers”.

What is Alginate?

If you’re not sure what alginate IS, we explain it all right here: What the HECK is alginate anyway?

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