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Alginates are amazing.

Its non-toxic, inexpensive, easy to use, lots of fun and it can make highly detailed molds of just about anything. Alginate has been safely used by millions. Dentists, taxidermists, lifecasters, special effects makeup artists, prosthetists, etc.

“We are now using Accu-Cast in our Special Effects school here at Douglas Education Center (Tom Savini program). It is the best alginate that is currently on the market. The Genesis-V is thick, creamy and easy to apply with very little sagging and basically no air bubbles. Other alginates that we tried would tear easily, but Accu-Cast is very strong.” -Douglas Education Center, Monessen, PA

Accu-Cast is an authority on alginate. Chris & Lucinda Baker have been making it for 25 years. We’ve devoted our career to making alginates that DO what our customers WANT. We make more different alginate formulas than ANYONE- and we have what you’re looking for.

Thank you guys for the exceptional service, from the time I phoned (in a panic to find prosthetic cream in time for my class) to actually receiving the package with special shipping.  Everything was just as I needed.  I will definitely be buying from you in the future and telling my friends to check you out!  Lynn Kaplan

Help me decide

If you’re not familiar with Accu-Cast alginates, we’d like to help. This GUIDE will help you decide which of our many formulas will be best for your project. We’re also here to help you via phone or email. We want you to be successful because “happy customers are repeat customers”.

What is Alginate?

If you’re not sure what alginate IS, we explain it all right here: What the HECK is alginate anyway?

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