25-pound bag of 370-SD Alginate. Product is double bagged- both bags are twist tied securely. Shelf life of at least 3 years.

370-SD Alginate- 25 pound bag

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    370-SD alginate specifically formulated for Socket Duplication in Prosthetic Medicine. We asked prosthetists what they wanted and this is what they said:

    1. Pourable
    2. Fast Set
    3. Extra Firm Set

    Sometimes the patient is perfectly happy with their existing socket, but it is just wearing out and needs replacement. A new one could be fabricated from the ground up, but most of the time duplicating the old one is a good, economical solution to their problem.

    370-SD alginate used to duplicate a socket

    • Alginate is mixed and poured into the socket that needs replacing
    • A pipe is pushed down into the alginate
    • When the alginate sets up the alginate is removed- looking like a large white Popsicle.
    • Ideally, this alginate "slug" is firm enough that when it is moved around it does not sag or bend
    • Our 370-SD alginate is perfect for this application
    • The pipe is clamped into a vise and a plaster bandage shell is constructed around the alginate slug
    • When the plaster sets, this shell is removed from the alginate
    • A release is put into the plaster bandage shell and a plaster "positive" is poured into it.
    • This is the structure upon which the new socket is fabricated.

    Sockets are made from fiberglass or carbon fiber or some combination of the two.

    The most important things for alginate to do in this procedure is to mix quickly, pour easily, set quickly and have the proper firm/hard consistency when set.

    370-SD alginate is perfect for this.

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    1. Alginate for Prosthetic Clinic

      I've used this product for years and can't imagine providing this service without alginate for duplication. One issue though is that the bags must be tightly closed or moisture i. the air can deteriorate the alginate. Since I buy it in 25 lb bulk, it does sit for several months and we lost some previously from moisture. Keep it double bagged and tied and push as much air out of the bags as possible. on Nov 24th 2016

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