470-SG alginate is our student grade alginate at a great price. 4 minute setting time with 70°F water. Makes clean molds.

470-SG Alginate (3 lb)

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    470-SG (Student Grade) Alginate is a wonderful product that makes very good molds. Its not quite as strong as our other alginates but is good enough for most people's projects.

    470-SG is also mixed at a water/powder ratio of 3/1 so it doesn't go quite as far as our other alginates. All things considered, this is a great deal whether you want just a little or a whole lot.

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    1. alginate as the standard

      I've only worked with alginate once before this order and it worked for what we were doing. That said, I now don't understand why alginate has been the standard in molding. it tears very easily, even with thick walled molds. detail is OK for 1 cast. every cast after the first ,degrades quickly. Bodycasting along with plaster bandages for support seems to be the only type of mold alginate is good for. small parts and tiny details get lost or "tear out up demolding the positive. In all, it has its uses but, single casting and low detail molds are about as far as you can take it. on Nov 1st 2016

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