This kit can do up to two adult hands OR up to 3 children's hand in the same sculpture. The finished casting is white but it can easily be painted.

Adult Hand Casting Kit

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    Grandma's HandsYou too can now make a hard stone casting, with amazing detail, of up to two adult hands with our complete Adult Hand Casting Kit. Lots of fun and a terrific way to learn this fascinating art form. Once you learn, you can purchase the materials in bulk and save some money. Kit comes with a procedural DVD. It is well worth watching to ensure a great result.

    EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Kit comes with a second bag of alginate just in case your first mold isn't perfect.

    Very Popular Item for Valentines Day. Great Wedding Present. Please don't wait for the last minute to order.

    The Adult Hand Casting Kit Procedure

    Unless the model has long fingernails, nothing needs to be done to the hands to make them ready. If the skin is rough and dry, a little hand cream will make the procedure easier.

    1. Measure out the water, and pour the water into the "Mix-In-The-Bag" alginate that comes with the kit.
    2. Mix the alginate in the bag according to the printed instructions and the procedural DVD.
    3. Pour the alginate into the Hand Casting Bucket- that comes in the kit.
    4. PHand Casting with Alginatelunge the hand(s) into the alginate mixture and immediately remove them.
    5. Rub the hands to dislodge any trapped air bubbles. The most common areas to trap bubbles are around the fingernails, between the fingers where they join, in the lines of the palm and at the base of any small hairs on the back of the hand or on the forearm. This can be done in just a few seconds.
    6. Plunge the hands back into the alginate. Touch the bottom of the bucket and then bring the hands UP about 3/4 of an inch. Remember you can't touch the sides or the bottom of the bucket or your casting will not come out well.
    7. When the alginate sets, manually break the seal around the wrists by removing a little of the alginate that is on the forearm just above the alginate surface.
    8. Have the model wiggle their hand and fingers. They need to feel that air has gotten all the way down to their fingertips before attempting to remove their hand(s) from the mold.
    9. Pour the LiquiStone Gypsum Cement into the mold as soon as you can. Wait one hour before unmolding according to the instructions.

    The Adult Hand Casting Kit is a great way to learn the exciting art of LifeCasting.

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    1. Professional sculptor was very impressed with all the products i ordered & used!

      I got a commission to do four generations hands sculpture & used accu-cast for the first time. I was amassed at the ease & quality of the product. It will help me make my finished bronze sculpture much quicker and allow me to use liquid stone hands to model the hands without having the client having to pose for long periods of time.
      5 stars
      on Mar 2nd 2017

    2. Cracked bucket

      I haven't tried to do the casting yet, but I'm concerned about my "bucket". It is cracked down one side and has been repaired with packing tape. Hope it works! on Feb 23rd 2017

    3. Exactly what I was hoping for

      I had a hard time choosing which company to order from--I wanted to do our hands (my husband and mine) for Valentine's Day. I finally settled on Accu-cast. I ordered too late for the holiday, but when the kit arrived, I broke it open and read the instructions two times. I pried my sweetheart away from the movie he was watched, and we dove in. The bucket was nearly too small for our two big hands, but we managed to keep our hands from the edges. We didn't go quite as deeply into the bucket as recommended, but I was glad when it came time to pour in the Liqui-Stone, as we had just enough. The cast turned out perfectly--it was such a trip to peel away the alginate and see my own hand peeking through. The cast is still drying in our shelf, and we have plans to paint it bronze this weekend. My husband was skeptical at first (when I showed him the gift I had purchased), and skeptical right up until the moment I broke it out of the mold. He loves it, as do I! I've already had a lot of friends comment on the pictures I posted on social media, and I'm happy to recommend this product and Accu-Cast. This was our first attempt, and it's a keeper. I think I've found a new wedding gift for friends as well--fun to do, and marvelous to have. on Feb 22nd 2017

    4. Not disappointed!

      Worked as advertised, even I was able to get it done right on the first try.
      Thanks Accu-cast.
      on Feb 15th 2017

    5. First time doing much fun, already recommended to family/friends

      We bought this as a fun activity to do for valentines day. We were a little skeptical about how it would go and turn out. We were pleasantly surprised as to how easy it really was, and very, very pleased with the result. The details of every aspect of our hands showed thru, including little dimples in out finger nails. We are thinking about ordering another kit to do another pose. This was a very fun and romantic project. We recommend this for every couple for anytime of year, not just valentines. on Feb 14th 2017

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