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DentalGel (270) Alginate

Special effects dental appliances made on alginate dental models. Picture courtesy of is Incredibly Safe...

Dental alginate has been used hundreds of millions of times- inside the mouth- over the past 70 years. We have been unable to find ANY proven cases of allergic reaction to dental alginate. It is VERY safe. As with all powdered products, we discourage breathing large quantities of dust. For most uses, a plain paper dust mask is fine. 270-D alginate is a very high quality alginate that produces great dental models.

Using Dental Alginate on yourself is allowed.

True “dental alginate”  is a Class II Medical Device and can legally be sold only to dental offices (silly rule). Strangely, in legal terms, it comes down to how the product is labelled. This 270-D alginate formula is exactly the same as our dental alginate, just not labeled with the word “dental”- so everyone can buy it. Two-minute set when using 70°F water, nice spearmint flavor too. (We're supposed to ask you not to make "actual" dental appliances with this product- just to be square with the laws.)

Each pound will produce approximately 20-25 full arch dental impressions. Water vial and measuring scoop sold separately.

Tools for working with dental alginate can be found HERE. Dental trays can be found HERE

This stuff is really easy to use, but you will need some specific tools to make it work like a dental office does. First, you will need a flexible bowl and a spatula. The flexible bowl is made of silicone rubber and is quite easy to clean. The spatula has a rounded blade that fits nicely against the inside of the curved bowl. You will also need a dental tray that is the right size. All these things can be found on our website. 270-D alginate is a great product. You should try it.