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Genesis-X Alginate

Male Torso LifeCastFor Really Big Jobs

For those who are doing a really big lifecasting project, Genesis-X alginate is for you. When using 70°F water, you will get a full 9+ minutes of working time and a snappy set at about 10 minutes. Genesis-X mixes smooth, creamy, thick and sets very, very firmly- yet very flexible. Compressive strength is very high so there is little permanent deformation. Tear strength is also very high. Accu-Cast alginates are better than they've ever been.

The low slump property makes it much easier to apply than common alginates while reducing waste- making it much more economical than traditional formulas. Sets very firm and flexible with incredible detail in the mold.

Our Genesis formulas are being used by some of the biggest SFX makeup schools in the country and is increasingly popular overseas.

Genesis-X Alginate Formula

Genesis-X (10 minute set @70 degree water) is the longer setting cousin to our Genesis-V formula. Our R&D department worked to capture the essence of Prosthetic Grade Cream for quite a while, and we've come up with a better product at a better price.

Genesis-X Alginate mixes smooth and creamy and applies very easily. The viscosity of this product continues to build throughout its working time so there is very little drip. This makes it easier to apply than traditional alginates. This also makes it more economical because so little is wasted by dripping onto the floor.

For Portioning and Mixing instructions, please click HERE.