470-SG Student Grade Alginate- Good Enough?

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You probably don't need Studio Grade Alginate-

Who are you? Most lifecasters are novices who will do one or two projects before moving on to the next cool thing. Almost without exception, beginning lifecasters do not need the same alginate that professionals do.

High end professional lifecasters know exactly what they want and how to use alginate to produce some seriously amazing art. Beginners are looking for something easy that will produce a "good enough" casting without spending too much time learning or too much money on their materials. A customer who quickly reads the instructions is the best an alginate manufacturer can hope for.

For 25 years, Accu-Cast has prided itself on producing studio quality alginates, each with its own unique combination of working properties and setting time, for specific types of jobs. Now Accu-Cast offers a "Student-Grade" alginate that is easily good enough for all beginner type projects. As a bonus, it is the least expensive alginate offered by a US manufacturer- as low as $6.00 per pound.

The name of this new product is 470-SG. It sets in approx. 4 minutes when using 70°F water. At a 3:1 mixing ratio it works well for face casts. At a 3.5 to 1 ratio it works well enough for hand casts. 470-SG mixes nice and smooth and sets firmly. It doesn't have quite the tear strength of a studio grade alginate, but then again- most people don't need that.

There are lots of reasons to opt for a studio grade alginate- but maybe you don't need to. Try our 470-SG today.

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