The Half Torso Kit is big enough to do either the upper or lower torso. Either a breast/chest casting or a belly cast. Perfect for pregnant belly bump castings.

Half Torso Casting Kit

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    The Half Torso Casting Kit, or Breast Casting Kit, is the easiest way we have found to learn the art of large LifeCastings. Once you do this project, you will have the basic knowledge necessary to do full torsos, and beyond. We also offer a Full Torso Casting Kit- which can make a sculpture of the front or rear of the body from shoulders to hips.

    This Torso Casting Kit kit is ideal for capturing the bust prior to any surgery to the breasts, or the belly bowl in the final weeks of pregnancy.

    Of course, it will work equally well for making a casting of a man or a woman. Not recommended for children.

    EXCLUSIVE BONUS: You get a second bag of alginate- just in case your first attempt doesn't go as well as you'd planned.

    This kit contains everything you'll need, including alginate, plaster bandages and casting stone. The instruction illustrations and the DVD contain some "above the waist" female nudity.

    The Half Torso Casting Kit Procedure

    The idea behind this kit is to pinch the flexible alginate layer between two layers of rigid Plaster Bandages all the way around the perimeter of the mold. This is a three step process as follows:

    1) Building the Frame

    Apply a release (Vaseline or Cholesterol) to an 4 inch area "just outside" the area you want a casting of. Wet some plaster bandages and apply them to the skin in a line all the way around the target area. Think of this as a picture frame- framing the important area you want to capture in your casting.

    2) Applying the Alginate

    Mix up your alginate (we include our 880-B alginate in the kit) and apply it to the area inside the plaster bandage frame. Try to apply alginate over the inside HALF of the plaster bandage frame, leaving about 1.5 inches of naked plaster bandage showing. Down toward the bottom this will be difficult, but don't worry, the alginate can be torn off the outside HALF of the plaster bandage once it sets.

    3) Building the Shell

    This mold will need  sufficient rigidity to resist bending or twisting during "pour-up" so a hard shell must be applied. Make sure that this shell overlaps the plaster bandage frame all the way around the perimeter. When you're done, the alginate will have been "pinched" between the two layers of plaster bandage and it will be very securely fastened in place.

    All of this is well covered in the Torso Casting Kit instructions and Procedural video DVD which comes with the kit.

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