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Family Hand Casting KIt

Product Description

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The Family Hand Casting Kit is just like our Adult Hand Kit, but bigger.

  • The molding bucket is bigger (8 quarts vs. 4 quarts)
  • There's twice as much alginate (our 570-PGV formula)
  • There's twice as much LiquiStone casting cement

This kit can do up to 4 adult hands or some similar arrangement of adult and children's hands.

Kit comes with our Adult Hand Casting DVD, which shows the 4 quart technique from start to finish. It also includes a set of illustrated printed instructions.

The final casting is hard, white and very durable. It can be painted any color you like. At a minimum, we recommend putting on a clear acrylic finish to keep the surface nice over the years. Skin oils are easily transferred to an unfinished sculpture and will produce dark areas that are impossible to clean.

NOTE: The kit comes with two Mix-In-The-Bag alginates so we recommend having two people mix the alginate at the same time.

The molding bucket is reusable and can easily last for scores or hundreds of molds.

Refills for this kit- both alginate and stone are available. MIB Alg-8 and MIB Stone-8