Finger Casting

Great Project with Children

The Finger Casting Kit is a great project for children and a great way to learn about alginate lifecasting.Here's a dandy school project or birthday party idea for elementary school kids. They get to see Accu-Cast's color changing alginate and get to take something fun home to their parents afterward.

With Accu-Cast's Finger Casting Kits, you can make life-sized 3D stone castings of the little one's fingers. Not a full hand cast, but also a lot easier.

The way we recommend doing it, the final sculpture can hold a picture as shown. Lots of fun and doesn't take an extended period of concentration on the kids' part- about 2 minutes is all.

This fun and easy finger casting kit contains everything you'll need to produce either 2 or 6 finger sculptures, depending on which kit you get. If you need more than 6, please contact us and we can put together a kit with as many as you need.

If you have the Finger Casting Kit designed for 6, you can do the other 4 finger casts whenever you want.

If you are running a summer camp or school classroom, you can order Finger Casting Kits for more than 6 children. Let us know how many and we'll give you a quote. Call (855) 773-0460 or e-mail us at


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