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Hand Casting

child hand casting holding toy car made from an alginate mold.Four Different Hand Casting Kits

Accu-Cast makes 4 hand casting kits for you. They are

All these kits come with a second bag of alginate molding material because we all know that sometimes your model's don't cooperate the way we'd like them to.

The Adult Hand Casting Kit is large enough to do two adult hands in the same sculpture at the same time, or up to 3 children's hands at once.

The Family Hand Casting Kit is twice as large as the Adult Kit. It's large enough to do up to 4 adult hands.

Each kit has everything pre-measured and pre-weighed so all you have to add is some water and a hand.

The molding bucket we include with these kits can be used over and over for your second and subsequent castings. Just purchase some more alginate and LiquiStone.