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Torso Casting

Male torso casting made from an alginate mold. Accu-Cast's 880-B alginate was used.Introduction to Big Time LifeCasting

Stepping up from hand casting and face casting to torso casting can be daunting. Many LifeCasters never do it out of fear.

We're here to tell you that Torso Casting is well within the capability of intermediate lifecasters (5/10), especially with one of our kits.

We offer both a Half Torso Kit and a Full Torso Kit and it's probably best to try them in that order. Remember, we want you (we need you) to be successful.

Both kits are complete with everything premeasured for you. Both kits come with very complete illustrated instructions and the Half Torso kit comes with a Procedural DVD. We've heard the DVD really helps. Watch it.