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Our Alginates

Family Hand CastingStudent Grade Alginate

If you're looking for simple and basic, look no further than our Student Grade 470-SG alginate. It can be mixed to work well for both bucket type molds and layup type molds. Many people feel it works better than our competitors' best alginates at a fraction of the cost.

Available in 2 sizes: 3 pounds and 20 pounds.

This is our simplest and least expensive alginate. 

Professional Alginates

Accu-Cast also offers professional-grade alginate formulas specifically tailored for the type of project you want to do.

  • Small Project
  • Big Project
  • Bucket Mold
  • Layup Mold
  • Beginner
  • Experienced
  • We have a formula that will meet your needs.

Not Complicated

Our current alginate formulas are:

Formula Set Time Water Temp Recommended Use
270-D 2 min 70° SFX Dental Impressions
370-SD 3 min 70° Prosthetic Socket Duplication
380-CC 3 min 80° Baby and Child Hand Casting
390-S2 3 min 90° Hand Casting 
 570-PGV 5 min 70° Beginner and Large Hand Casting 
 590-IBG 5 min  90°  Face Casting 
Genesis-V  6 min  70°  Face, Head, Torso Casting 
880-B 8 min 80°  Head and Torso Casting 
Genesis-X  10 min  70°  Torsos and Big Projects
 470-SG 4 min 70°  Student Grade Alginate 


Comparing Alginates- Genesis V vs. AljaSafe


1) For the most part, the name of the alginate tells you the setting time and water temperature. 390 sets in 3 minutes when using 90°F water, etc. etc.

2) If you're a beginner always err on the side of having MORE working time than you think you need. Its always better to have a little extra time than not quite enough.

3) Warmer water and warmer air temperatures will speed up the setting time of alginates, whereas cooler will slow them down.

4) For more information about alginates, see ALL ABOUT ALGINATE and FAQ

5) If you still have questions, please Contact Us