4-Quart Hand Casting Bucket


4-Quart Hand Casting Bucket

Accu-Cast has worked out some very clever lifecasting buckets for doing hand castings.

These buckets are made of very sturdy plastic so they should be good for scores of hand casts. For ease of use, we have cut the side of the bucket from top to bottom. A piece of tape holds the cut closed during the hand casting but simply removing the tape allows the alginate slug to fall out easily for un-molding your hand cast.

These buckets are made of a translucent plastic that makes it easy to see if one or more fingers are touching the inside of the bucket during the procedure.

Available in three sizes:

  • 1 quart (child hand casting size)- 6 ounces of alginate
  • 4 quart (adult hand casting size- up to 2 adults or up to 3 children)- 1.5 pounds of alginate
  • 8 quart (family hand casting size- up to 4 adults)- 3 pounds of alginate

To see how they work, click HERE to look at the Hand Casting Procedure.