Accu-Cast offers more types of alginate and more useful information about alginate than anyone.

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Here's the Short Answer to the question "What is Alginate?"

  • Alginate is a powder.
  • When mixed with water, it forms a thick liquid.
  • This liquid will change to a rubbery solid in a few minutes- depending on the formula you choose.
  • If alginate is placed against the skin it makes an incredibly accurate mold of the skin- right down to the fingerprints.
  • Alginate has been in everyday use worldwide for over about 80 years.
  • It is INCREDIBLY safe and completely hypoallergenic.

Our experience making alginate goes back to 1969. As far as we can tell, we make more alginate formulas than anyone- 21 at last count. We make alginates that set in anywhere from 1 minute 20 seconds to over 10 minutes. Ten of our formulas are offered on our website- the other 11 are custom formulas developed for various companies to meet their specific needs.

You can purchase our alginates directly from us or from one of our Distributors.

There really is a lot more to alginate than most people think. The properties we balance are:

  • Water/Powder ratio
  • Mixed viscosity
  • Setting time
  • Setting firmness
  • Setting flexibility
  • Shrinkage rate

If you need an alginate for a specific use- chances are VERY GOOD that we have it already on the shelf. If not, we could most likely make it for you.