370-SD™ Alginate

One very large industry that uses alginate is the Orthotics and Prosthetics industry (O&P).

When a prosthetic leg socket begins to wear out, it can be duplicated or a new socket can be constructed.

In either case, a mold must be made- either of the inside of the existing socket or of the residual limb. These molds are used to manufacture a new socket for the patient.

Accu-Cast's 370-SD™ alginate has been formulated to have ideal properties for this work.

  • Easy mixing
  • Fast set
  • Extremely firm set (doesn't sag under its own weight)
  • Low shrinkage

Sold by Southern Prosthetic Supply, Cascade Orthopedic Supply and a host of others, this product really fits the bill for prosthetics work.