BucketGel (390) Alginate


390-S2 alginate being removed from a hand casting. 390 sets in 3 minutes using 90°F water, slower with cooler water. Mixes very smooth and creamy and makes beautiful molds.

BucketGel (390) Alginate

390 (3 minute @ 90 degree water) is one of Accu-Cast's oldest "bucket mold" formulas for hand casting. It is so good that it doesn't need improving- but we did anyway. This is now our smoothest, easiest to mix alginate formula for outstanding detail in the casting.

BucketGel (390) Alginate is Alginate at its Best

Always reliable performer, it has a 3 minute set when using quite warm 90°F water. If you use 70°F water this can be extended to just a little over 4 minutes.

It mixes smooth and thin, pours easily but sets snappy and firm. Skin level detail is outstanding and shrinkage is very slow.

Similar products include our BabyGel (380) and HandGel (570) formulas.

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