Genesis-V Alginate

Our Genesis-V alginate formula is ideal for face casting, head casting and for the new Edinburgh style hand casting. This alginate mixes very smooth and thick so it stays where you put it. Sets in 5:30 to a firm, flexible rubbery consistency. Makes great molds.

"Since graduating from the Savini program, the only site I've found with the best deals on alginate is Accu-Cast. I'm not just saying that either. My alginate of choice is the Genesis-V alginate. Whenever someone wants to use alginate for a cast, I send them to your website. I am a customer for life!" - James Geiler

Genesis-V (5 minute @ 70 degree water) is highly acclaimed in Hollywood for its "ideal" working properties for face and head molds. SFX makeup artists love this product because it makes their job so much easier. This formula has become a favorite of many of the top SFX makeup schools in the US, including Cinema Makeup School in Los Angeles and The Douglas School in Monessen, PA.

What can one say about Genesis-V Alginate?

Genesis-V mixes and sets just like Prosthetic Grade Cream, an alginate that has been popular in Hollywood for years. Prosthetic Grade Cream sells for between $13.50 and $19.00 per pound.

Search engines like it when you write 300 words or more in this area, so I will write more about Genesis-V alginate. Feel free to read it if you wish- or not- as I've already said everything that needs saying about Genesis-V Alginate. Long ago, another company came up with an alginate formula called Prosthetic Grade Cream. It was great for doing layup molds like faces, heads and torsos- so it became the "go to" alginate for Hollywood's Special Effects Makeup folks. It was so popular that PGC has been "copied" by many imitators over the years- some of them even call themselves Prosthetic Grade Cream (not sure how they get away with it).  These imitations, some of them are fine alginates in their own right, always missed the mark in duplicating PGC's unique properties.

When I set out to figure out what the heck Teledyne had done, I had little to go on. I knew that it mixed pretty thickly, set in about 5:30 with 70°F water, and that it got very dense and strong shortly after setting. I explored scores of different theories over several weeks to no avail. One morning, upon opening my eyes, it HIT me. I ran out to my lab, weighed out a bunch of compounds, mixed them up, and VOILA!- Genesis-V Alginate. In retrospect it was quite a simple trick, but it was far from obvious. I almost missed it completely.

Today, Accu-Cast makes two different Genesis alginates, one that sets in 5:30 (Genesis-V Alginate) and one that sets in 10:00 (Genesis-X Alginate).

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