Baby Hand Casting

Baby Hand CastingBaby Hand Casting

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" I did  a hand casting of my week old daughter several years ago. Beside her, that little casting is one of my most precious things. I'm doing another one when my second daughter arrives in about a month." - Jessica

Baby Hand Casting involves a fairly simple procedure using very safe materials. We have done baby hand castings of babies just 2 days old.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Have mom holding the baby on her shoulder with the arm and hand hanging down.
  • This works best with baby asleep or very calm.
  • Roll up the sleeve of the baby.
  • Mix the alginate- we recommend our 380-CC alginate for this.
  • Put alginate into a "Dixie" type plastic cup.
  • Push the baby's hand down into the alginate.
  • Wait about 30 seconds until the alginate "sets".
  • Gently wiggle the cup and pull it off the hand- very easy to do.
  • Mix the LiquiStone casting stone.
  • Pour casting stone into the mold
  • When the casting stone is set, remove the alginate from your finished casting.

You can generally do about 5 baby hand castings with ONE pound of our alginate.

We sell a Baby Hand Casting Kit which makes all of this much easier. The kit even comes with two bags of alginate just in case the first molding attempt doesn't work out so well.

The procedure is very easy and the casting stone that comes with the kit is very hard when finished. It should last a lifetime.

HERE is a link to the Procedural Guide to our Baby Hand Casting Kit.