Body Casting

Body Casting with Alginate

Body Casting is the art of creating a 3D sculpture of someone's body or a portion of their body. Faces, heads, torsos, backs- even whole bodies can be done with the materials available on our website. 

As you know, there are two types of lifecasting molds- a bucket mold and a layup mold. A body mold is a layup mold where the alginate is applied to a surface and backed up with several layers of plaster bandage to make the mold rigid. The type of alginate you choose for your project is important.

Low Slump/Low Drip Alginate Formulas

Accu-Cast offers two retail formulas with very low drip properties. Our BodyGel (880) and our FaceGel (590) Formulas have an extra thickening agent in them that makes them go on more like cake frosting rather than pancake batter, making your job much easier.

Large Body Casting Projects

For large projects like torsos an alginate with a good long setting time is ideal. Accu-Cast recommends our BodyGel (880) Alginate for big projects so you won't have to worry about running out of time. With a setting time of 8 minutes when using 80°F water, even very large projects are possible.

Small Body Casting Projects

For smaller projects like face or head casting- even half torso casting- you don't need quite as much working time as for a larger project. Accu-Cast recommends our FaceGel (590) Alginate. It has the same low slump formulation as BodyGel (880) and gives you plenty of time to do a half torso like a breast casting or a pregnant belly bowl casting.