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Brent & Shirley Cairns

Our cousins came to stay for a few days...they were talking about how they sleep at night..they always sleep close together spooning and how they are soul mates... So we decided to capture the way they sleep... Soul mates just had to be the name. The sculpture is really complex, in that alginate goes all around the feet and then a jacket mold over the top to secure the alginate and with bone close to the surface it made it a little difficult in getting the feet out. The finished piece was created in Gypsum and multiple layers of colored glaze are applied to get a finish that replicates metal... More artwork can be viewed at

We started creating sculptures from live models in 2001, we went full time in 2003. Our sculptures are in 15 different countries. With galleries in Australia and New Zealand representing us We only have one photo of this sculpture because as soon as we made it, it was sold to a client living in Arlington Massachusetts... he had been watching our artwork for around 3 years and when he saw the sculpture...he had to have it...and add it to his collection. We have included the only photo we have ever taken of ourselves with one of our sculptures...



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