Cholesterol is used to block out masses of hair when you want to include them in your LifeCast.

Normally, alginate will flow down between the hairs, making it difficult to remove the alginate mold and not preserving the form and volume of the mass of hair. To include a moustache, for example, in the casting, simply fill the spaces between the moustache hairs with Cholesterol and the the entire area is "held out" against the alginate. The form, volume and outer texture of the moustache will be preserved in the mold and included in the casting. Works with pubic hair, beards, eyebrows, and to a limited extent with head hair.

While this is an advanced technique, some artists will style the hair on the head, spray it with huge amounts of hair spray to totally immobilize it and then fill the entire hair area with Cholesterol. Quite amazing effects can be achieved with a little patience.

Small bag of Cholesterol is enough to do one set of eyebrows or a moustache.

CAUTION: Cholesterol does NOT work as an effective release to keep plaster from sticking to hair. You must use Vaseline for this or your model will not be pleased with you.

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