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Jenna Little

This life casting display is of a family of 6 holding hands. The alginate mould was taken a month ago in this family's home. There are 4 kids, 3 boys, 6,8 and 12 years old and one baby girl, 18 months old. All of their hands surround the mother and fathers hands in the centre. This large family casting was finished with pearl paint and fixed on a beautiful piece of thick raw edge granite. Mediums used: Alginate 390-CC Hydro Cal white stone Pearl colour paint Granite slab The final result turned out beautifully. The way the hands wrapped about the middle hands worked out very well. All of the hands and fingers are nicely placed and relaxed, allowing the alginate to flow properly and achieve the best detail. The pearl finish makes this piece shine while maximizing detail. This piece will be cherished by this family for many years to come, they were extremely pleased with the final result. 

This particular life casting was our first experience with such a big group. We have done several mother/daughter 2 hand castings but never this many. We decided to take the 18 months old hand mould separately then added it to the entire casting before securing to the granite slab. To create this casting we had to use approximately 5 lbs of alginate in one large mop sized bucket: We learned from this experience that we will need to modify our bucket size to avoid unnecessary waste and to maximize our alginate use without losing any fingers, knuckles and or details. 





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