Dental Trays- Set of 6

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0.90 LBS

This is a complete set of 3 Lower (mandibular) and 3 Upper (maxillary) dental impression trays. Dental trays hold the alginate in place in the patient's mouth during the impression procedure.

Our dental trays are sold as "disposable", but they are very sturdy and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't clean them off and disinfect them before using again. No idea how many times you can use them because we've never worn one out. Disinfect with a 1:10 Bleach/Water solution just like dental offices do.

Our dental trays come in six sizes: Upper Small, Upper Medium, Upper Large, Lower Small, Lower Medium and Lower Large.

You can purchase them individually or in sets.

You can use our 270-D impression alginate for making dental molds.