Finger Casting Kit for Two

Here's a dandy school project or birthday party idea for elementary school kids. They get to see Accu-Cast's color changing alginate and get to take something fun home to their parents afterward.

With Accu-Cast's Finger Casting Kits, you can make life-sized 3D stone castings of the little one's fingers. Not a full hand cast, but also a lot easier.

The way we recommend doing it, the final sculpture can hold a picture as shown. Lots of fun and doesn't take an extended period of concentration on the kids' part- about 2 minutes is all.

This fun and easy finger casting kit contains everything you'll need to produce either 2 or 6 finger sculptures, depending on which kit you get. If you need more than 6, please contact us and we can put together a kit with as many as you need.

Difficulty Rating 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

The Finger Casting Kit Procedure-

Each bag of 380-CC alginate and LiquiStone are portioned for 2 Finger Casts.

Have the children practice holding the plastic card as shown in the instructions.

  1. Measure out the water as per the instructions.
  2. Pour water into the "Mix-In-The-Bag" alginate bag.
  3. Mix the alginate quickly and thoroughly as shown in the instructions. It should be pink
  4. Squeeze the alginate into two supplied cups.
  5. The cups won't be quite full because there needs to be room for the fingers. You will notice the alginate color fading from pink to white.
  6. When the alginate fades to white, have the child hold the card and push their fingers down into the cup until the card is sitting on the bottom of the cup. (Their fingertips should not be touching the cup.)
  7. When the alginate sets (no longer sticky on the surface) wait another 30 seconds and have the children wiggle their fingers and remove them from the mold.
  8. Mix the LiquiStone gypsum cement and pour it into the molds as soon as possible.
  9. Wait about 1 hour before demolding the castings.
  10. Remove the blue card from between the fingers of the cast.
  11. The LiquiStone casting can be painted with any type of paint.

If you have the Finger Casting Kit designed for 6, you can do the other 4 finger casts whenever you want.

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