Foot Casting Kit

Finally, a complete adult foot casting kit. Perfect for making custom shoes or for the sheer delight of having a 3D stone sculpture of your beautiful feet.

Procedure is simple enough you could do it all by yourself. We use our Mix-In-The-Bag technique so cleanup is very easy.

With this kit you can make individual molds and castings of two adult sized feet- up to about size 14. If you have bigger feet, you'll probably have to do the technique described here.

Difficulty Rating 4/10

Kit includes:

  • 4 bags 570-PGV alginate (takes 2 for each foot)
  • 2 bags LiquiStone Gypsum Cement
  • 1 rectangular molding bucket
  • Complete instructions

Used by sculptors, prosthetists and custom shoemakers.

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Accucast foot casting kit

David Arthur on Aug 29th 2018

Complete kit except the casting tub was to small for my size 14 foot. I used a storage tub that was long enough and used cardboard to make it narrower so as not to waste material. Easy to use and clean up after. Casting feels strong and and should make a good "last" for making shoes.

Foot casting kit

Jim Hudak on Aug 10th 2018

I thought the kit itself was great. I cast 7 feet of 7 different people. The problem I ran into wasn't due to the Kit. When a persons foot is embedded in the still liquid mold material, they might have their toes pointed upwards. This can cause a bubble of air to form when the plaster is poured into the mold. This results in part of the toe or toes being empty of plaster. So you don't get the whole toe. It's something I learned after a bit. But, generally, this is a great product.