Full Torso / Pregnancy Casting Kit


WARNING - Prop. 65

The full torso kit produces a casting from the neck down to the hips. While not a beginner project, this kit is the easiest way to create a full torso casting. Kit comes with all the materials a professional would use to make a torso cast. Procedure takes about 30 minutes of the models time and another 30 minutes of your time. The casting can be painted and displayed on a wall using the included hook.

Difficulty Scale:  6/10

This kit comes with everything you'll need except for water and a model:

  • One bag of BodyGel (880) Alginate- 1.6 pounds
  • Two bags of LiquiStone Casting Material- 5 pounds each
  • 7 rolls of 4x5 plaster bandages
  • Metal hook for hanging finished sculpture
  • Plastic smock for protecting clothes
  • Complete illustrated instructions

The technique is basically:

  • Applying the alginate
  • Applying the plaster bandage shell
  • Removing the mold
  • Cast Liquistone Into the Mold
  • Demold and finish Liquistone Casting

It is best to have an assistant working with you when creating a mold of this size.

Download Instructions