Beautiful lifecasting of three women's hands. This one is of two sisters with their elderly mother.This is Adrian's head casting. He was so comfortable during the procedure that we had to wake him up twice.A baby hand casting is pretty easy to do, inexpensive and produces a small treasure for your family. Makes a great present for the grandparents.Children love to hold objects in their hand castings. childhandcasting-01-148pt.jpgThis is our 380-CC Color-Changing alginate going through its process. This alginate sets about 40 seconds after it fades to white.Models can keep their rings on during a hand mold, and the rings show up just fine in the final casting.Colleen enjoyed her face casting procedure. Total time for the model is under 15 minutes and the casting can be revealed about an hour later.The Finger Casting Kit produces small castings of the fingers only. Its a great, yet inexpensive, way to start learning lifecasting. We're the only ones with this type of kit. Mix in the Bag makes cleanup a snap.Alginate is used to make molds of just about anything.There are a thousand fun projects you can do with alginate. Your imagination is the only limitation.Couples hand castings make wonderful wedding gifts. This is a beautiful pose.It is quite easy to hold an object while making a hand mold with alginate. Just leave the object behind in the mold when you remove your hand and the object will be there when the casting is finishedDo you have a favorite object you could hold in a hand casting? Go ahead, the alginate won't hurt it.The client wanted to make a This is a casting of a mom holding her daughter's hand. She loved it.Have you got a pose in mind? Most of them are easy to do.Hands are extremely expressive and poses are limited only by your imagination.Santiago was a great hand model. He was fascinated by the process and stayed still. Some children won't be as good.We made 3 hand castings of Sierra that day. She didn't want to stop.This was an interesting job. Three hands held this wooden box down on the bottom of the mold bucket and when finished they are holding the tray up. We put sand and some small candles in it to make a candelabratwo-hands01-400p.jpgHand Castings can be complex and beautiful This was a mother and her two daughters. This is a big hand casting. It takes plenty of practice before you should attempt something like this, but it can be done. We've done as many as 15 hands in a single sculpture.A nice fellow named Aaron had his head casting done at our shop once..Precious little infant's foot captured forever in stone. An instant family heirloom.Many expectant mothers want to have a casting of their pregnant belly made. Some want the entire torso, some opt for the half torso like this.My mother in law's hands. Betty was a great gal. Now that's she's gone we have something to show her great grandchildren.Hand casting holding glass votive candle holder. Almost any object can be held in a hand castingYour imagination is the only thing holding you back with hand casting. This one is just holding a stick.The customer made a table out of this foot castingThis male torso was done with our Half Torso Kit and painted with various metallic spraypaints.Alginate can be used to make high quality temporary molds of just about anything- although we warn you that counterfeiting is against the law.The subject can hold just about anything in their hands during a hand casting. This lady held her rosary and it came out quite nicely.babyhandcasting01.jpg