How Do You Wet Plaster Bandages?

It's not difficult to wet your plaster bandages. Here are some tips.

What to Do

You've got your plaster bandages cut to length.

  1. Get a flat tupperware type container or a bucket of water.
  2. With two hands, one on each end, dip the plaster bandage into the water for about 5 seconds
  3. Take it out and gently squeeze out the extra water. You do NOT want to squeeze too hard or you will squeeze out the plaster as well.
  4. Straighten out the bandage and take it immediately to the model.

What NOT to Do

When applying the plaster bandage to the model, DO NOT stretch it tightly across the outside of the mold. DO lay it on the mold gently and rub it down gently. Stretching will put a downward force on any part of the mold that is "sticking up", like noses, breasts, etc. and potentially flatten them.