What Are the Different Kinds of Plaster Bandages?

There are different kinds and sizes of plaster bandages. What you want to use is determined by the type of project you want to do.


Plaster bandages generally come in 5 yard (15 foot) rolls

Plaster bandages come in different widths

  • 3-inch   (good for small projects like faces and heads)
  • 4-inch   (good for medium projects like heads and torsos)
  • 6-inch   (good for full torsos, but you have more control with 4-inch bandages)
  • 8-inch   (good for full bodies, but you have more control with 6-inch bandages)
  • 12-inch  (really too big for most lifecasting jobs)


  • Regular Set     (set in about 15 minutes- too slow for most lifecasting)
  • Fast Set         (set in about 10 minutes- still to slow for most lifecasting)
  • Extra Fast Set  (set in about 5 minutes- perfect for lifecasting)


We've determined that Extra Fast Set 3-inch and 4-inch plaster bandages are the best for lifecasting so that's what we sell. We sell individual rolls or boxes of 12. If you buy a box, we charge you for 11 and we give you the 12th for free.

We did carry 6-inch bandages for a while but no one bought them.