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Kits for LifeCasting

Kits for LifeCasting

  • The kit contents for the Finger Casting Kit for 2. One bag of 380-CC alginate, one bag of LiquiStone, two plastic molding cups, two plastic cards and a set of illustrated instructions. The finger casting kit is a great project for children to create presents for their family. The kit creates two sculptures similar to the one shown.

    Finger Casting Kit for Two

    Finger Casting Kit for Two Here's a dandy school project or birthday party idea for elementary school kids. They get to see Accu-Cast's color changing alginate and get to take something fun home to their parents afterward. With Accu-Cast's Finger...

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  • The Finger Casting Kit for 6 is the same as the Kit for 2 but contains three times as much so you can produce 6 individual finger castings. The Finger Casting is a gift a child can give to their parents or grandparents.

    Finger Casting Kit for SIX

    Here's a dandy school project or birthday party idea for elementary school kids. They get to see Accu-Cast's color changing alginate and get to take something fun home to their parents afterward. With Accu-Cast's Finger Casting Kits, you can make...

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  • Baby Hand Casting produced with Accu-Cast Baby Hand Casting Kit. Baby Hand Casting produced with the Accu-Cast Baby Hand Casting Kit. This hard stone casting can last for generations. This one was painted with our Flash Copper Sheer Paint.

    Baby Hand Casting Kit

    Baby Hand Casting Kit Accu-Cast’s Baby Hand Casting Kit makes it easy to learn this fun and potentially lucrative art form in the privacy of your home. This keepsake kit produces a wonderful replica of the hand of an infant to treasure forever...

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  • Kit is designed to do one or two hands of children up to about the age of 8. Everything is included in the kit. Uses our 380-CC alginate and reusable mold bucket.

    Child Hand Casting Kit

    Child Hand Casting Kit Complete Child Hand Casting Kit is an easy and fun way to learn this art form. The kit is complete. EXCLUSIVE BONUS: It even includes a second bag of alginate- just in case the first mold doesn't come out so well. Difficulty...

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  • Couples hand casting. Simple do-it-yourself kit makes this type of casting easy and inexpensive.

    Adult Hand Casting Kit

    Adult Hand Casting Kit Pam Starr said, "directions were detailed, and clear, cast came out beautifully". You too can now make a hard stone casting, with amazing detail, of up to two adult hands with our complete Adult Hand Casting Kit. Lots of fun...

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  • Family Fun with the Family Hand Casting Kit. Used by thousands of happy families. The pose you choose is up to your imagination. A real keepsake

    Family Hand Casting Kit

    Family Hand Casting Kit The Family Hand Casting Kit is just like our Adult Hand Kit, but bigger. The molding bucket is bigger (8 quarts vs. 4 quarts) There's twice as much alginate (our 570-PGV formula) There's twice as much LiquiStone casting...

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  • The finished shaking hands sculpture can be painted however you wish. There are many different ways this can be mounted. Shaking Hands kit contains everything you need except water. The unique, hand made mold bucket can be used over and over for future projects. Complete illustrated instructions included.

    The Shaking Hands Kit

    The Shaking Hands Kit Do you like being Completely Unique? Nobody else has a kit like this. This kit produces a unique type of casting- two hands coming in from either side shaking in the middle. It took some engineering to design the mold bucket and...

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  • Face casting with Accu-Cast alginate Finished face mold- ready to be poured.

    Face Casting Kit

    Face Casting Kit Sometimes called a Plaster Face Cast, this complete face casting kit makes it easy to learn this fascinating process. Everything you need is included in the kit- even an extra bag of alginate just in case the first attempt doesn't go...

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  • Head Casting Kit from Accu-Cast is the only kit of its kind on the market, and it is essential to anyone who wants to move from simple lifecasting to more complex procedures.

    Head Casting Kit

    Head Casting Kit The full head casting kit contains all the materials you'll need to produce a head cast including the neck and the tops of the shoulders. This kit does NOT contain a bald cap (we don't know what size you are), or mixing tools like a...

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  • Maternity torso casting with Accu-Cast alginate

    Maternity Torso Kit

    Half Torso Casting Kit The Half Torso Casting Kit, or Breast Casting Kit, is the easiest way we have found to learn the art of large LifeCastings. Once you do this project, you will have the basic knowledge necessary to do full torsos, and beyond. We...

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  • Lifecasting the full torso with Accu-Cast alginates.

    Full Torso Casting Kit

    Full Torso Casting Kit The full torso kit is for those of you wanting a fairly challenging project that produces a casting from the neck down to the upper thighs. While not a beginner project, this kit is the easiest way to learn full torso casting...

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  • Foot casting made from an alginate mold Foot casting made for fitting of custom shoes

    Foot Casting Kit

    Foot Casting Kit Finally, a complete adult foot casting kit. Perfect for making custom shoes or for the sheer delight of having a 3D stone sculpture of your beautiful feet. Procedure is simple enough you could do it all by yourself. We use our...

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