Baby Hand Kit Materials

Learn Baby Hand Casting

Difficulty Rating 2/10

Accu-Cast’s Baby Hand Casting Kit makes it easy to learn this fun and potentially lucrative art form in the privacy of your home. This keepsake kit produces a wonderful replica of the hand of an infant to treasure forever. These are the very same materials and techniques used by professional lifecasters. The baby hand casting kit even comes with a second bag of our BabyGel (380) Color-Changing Alginate, just in case the first attempt is less than successful.

This is the best way we’ve found to learn Baby Hand Casting. Once you’ve done the kit, you should be able to purchase our alginates and supplies in bulk to save money. The kit does pay for itself because most people are successful the very first time.

The Baby Casting Kit includes everything you’ll need (except water and a baby) to make a life-sized, 3D, hard stone casting of your baby’s hand. The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes, but the baby’s part is only about 40 seconds. Complete illustrated instructions included.

All materials are pre-measured, and our Mix-In-The-Bag technique makes clean-up a snap.  We even put in a second bag of our BabyGel Alginate alginate just in case the first attempt doesn’t work out well. 

Casting can be painted any color you want. Accu-Cast carries several beautiful paints for hand casting. This one is called “Flash Copper Sheer” and is the overwhelming favorite of mothers.

PLEASE NOTE: This procedure is easiest to do when sleeping or eating.

Home Business with the Baby Hand Casting Kit

Many people have started home businesses doing baby hand castings. Usually its young mothers who wanted one for themselves, then found that their friends wanted one too.

The BabyGel alginate is mixed with 95°F water so the final mix is just about baby skin temperature when you put their hand in. Babies who are asleep at the beginning of the procedure do not wake up during the procedure. Also, most babies are very easy to distract because the alginate is the same temperature as their hand. The alginate will set firm in about 2 minutes, but the baby’s hand only needs to be IN the mix for the final 30 seconds or so. The color-change of the alginate will tell you when it is time to put the hand in.

The baby’s hand will easily pull out of the mold because alginate does NOT stick to the skin. The entire baby hand casting kit procedure, mixing alginate to finished casting can take as little as 1 hour. Alginate molds MUST be poured quickly because they shrink as they dehydrate. Ideally, the entire procedure should be done in one sitting.

Once a person learns this procedure it is advisable to order the BabyGel Alginate and the LiquiStone in bulk so you can save a little money. Five baby hand molds can be made with just one pound- very economical.