Maternity Torso Casting Kit Materials

Difficulty:  6/10

Torso Casting is indeed professional level LifeCasting. This kit is the easiest way to learn this fascinating technique and open up the possibilities to even more advanced projects.

This kit contains enough materials to do a casting from the shoulders down to the hips. Of course you can do a smaller area if you wish, like a pregnant belly bowl or just the upper torso, but our Half Torso Kit is sufficient for these smaller projects.


  • 1.6 pounds BodyGel (880) Alginate
  • 10 pounds LiquiStone Gypsum Cement
  • 7 rolls 4x5 plaster bandages
  • Cholesterol cream
  • Small bag LiquiStone for fixing cast
  • Wire hanger
  • Illustrated Procedural Instructions