Alginate DOESN'T stick to itself...unless

There are times, especially on large LifeCasting projects where you just run out of time and the alginate begins to set before you're done.

Algi-Bond is our solution to this dilemma. 

Add 2 teaspoons to a quart of warm water and stir until the powder dissolves. Spray the Algi-Bond solution onto the leading edge of your alginate. Wait 2 minutes and a new batch of alginate will stick to the old one. Special solution softens the alginate on a molecular level so the new alginate can grab hold of the old alginate.

This small 50 gram bag of powder makes up to 2 gallons of solution.


  • This 50 gram bag makes about 2 gallons of solution  that helps new alginate stick to alginate that is already set.


    Algi-Bond softens the top 1/2 millimeter of set alginate so a new layer of alginate can stick to it. Terrific to have on hand when you are doing a very large job- just in case you run out of time and your alginate sets too quickly. Just wet the surface...

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