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Cement Knife

Cement Knife

This cute little cement knife can really cut it- gypsum cement that is.This cute little knife can really cut it....and by IT, we mean it can cut directly into gypsum cements like LiquiStone.

There are lots of times when you need to reshape part of a LifeCast and this knife can handle the job.

The tough stainless steel blade never seems to get dull and the Rosewood handle is comfortable in your hand. Every lifecaster needs one of these.


  • Stainless steel blade mounted in a rosewood handle. This little knife is really tough. We've been using ours for 10 years and it is still sharp.

    Cement Knife

    Cement Knife This little beauty is designed for easily cutting directly into completely set gypsum cement like LiquiStone. The Cement knife has a rosewood handle and a short, sturdy stainless-steel blade tough enough to carve directly into the cured...

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