Power Mixers

Power Mixers

Mixing alginate or gypsum by hand is a drag. A paint mixer attachment on an electric drill makes quick work of mixingNot a Jiffy Mixer

Many people call these Jiffy Mixers, but a Jiffy Mixer is a very specific type of mixer primarily used in mixing drywall muds. They're too big and expensive for our use.

We prefer mixers designed for mixing paint. These are available at your local hardware or home improvement store, but you can also buy them with your alginate order here.

There are lots of types of mixers- more every day- but some work better than others and some are easier to clean than others. Accu-Cast carries this type because we prefer them.

Just attach the Power Mixer to an electric drill, tighten the chuck and mix. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Oddly, it is best to run the drill in "reverse" or "anti-clockwise" because it doesn't whip air bubbles into the mix.