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Extremely durable, this 35cc Catheter Tip Syringe can be used over and over. The silicone plunger operates very smoothly and easily.

Primarily used when alginate or stone needs to be "squirted" into a small space, like into the interior folds of the ear. The syringe should be part of every lifecaster's armamentarium. 

After 20-30 uses and cleanings, the black silicone plunger will get a little dry and the action will get stiff. Just use a little Armor All or other silicone spray on it and it will work like new.

  • This syringe has no needle. It has a 1/8 inch opening to shoot alginate into tight spaces like into the inner folds of the ear in head casting. Easy to clean, this syringe should last hundreds of applications. The Syringe comes apart easily to clean. Lubricate the black rubber plunger with a silicone lubricant like Armor All and NOT Vaseline.

    Syringe- Catheter Tip

    The syringe is used primarily in head casting. The complex folds of the outer ear can be difficult to fill with alginate- unless you are using this handy little device. The syringe has no needle- in fact the opening is about 1/8 inch in diameter so...

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