How Do You Mix Liquistone?

LiquiStone is very easy to mix. There are a variety of techniques that can be used.

Add the half the powder to the water and stir until wetted, then slowly add more stone- stirring the whole time. If you think your final mix is too thin or too thick you have plenty of time to adjust with more powder or more water. Remember, a little water goes a long way.

Up to about 8 ounces you can easily mix LiquiStone with a spatula like our Plastic Spatula.

Up to about 3 pounds of LiquiStone can be mixed with a sturdy kitchen whisk.

Over 2 pounds, it is often easier to mix with a Power Mixer on an electric drill. NOTE: Always make sure the drill is running in reverse (anti-clockwise) to ensure the minimum of air bubbles in your mix.

When mixing LiquiStone for very large projects, work quickly so you can pour a fresh batch of LiquiStone on top of the last batch before the previous batch has hardened.