MIB Alginate for Foot Casting Kit

This is the replacement Mix-In-The-Bag Alginate for the Foot Casting Kit.

It contains two bags of HandGel (570) Alginate- 1.25 pounds each. This is intended for customer who want to do (redo) ONE foot casting.

Alginates, LiquiStones and Plaster Bandages are offered as replacements for those that come with our LifeCasting Kits.

Available in sizes for:

  • Baby Hand Casting Kit
  • 1 quart buckets (Child Hand Casting Kit)
  • 4 quart buckets (Adult Hand Casting Kit)
  • 8 quart buckets (Extra Large Hand Casting Project)
  • Face Kit
  • Head Kit
  • Half Torso Kit
  • Full Torso Kit
  • Foot Kit

Mix-In-the-Bag is the simplest and cleanest way to mix alginate. When you're done, just toss out the messy bag- no cleaning of bowls, mixers, etc.

We pre-measure the alginate and/or LiquiStone for you and tell you how much water to add for a perfect mix. Easy Peasy.

The Accu-Cast Hand Casting Buckets are also available. To see the Adult Hand Casting Instructions click Here.

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