Alginate Selection Made Simple

What type of project do you have in mind?

We offer a lot of different formulas because every type of project has an ideal set of working and setting time properties.

Remember, the numbers in the product names have meaning: 380 means a 3 minute set with 80°F water.

Choose the right alginate formula and your project will be much easier.

We offer:

DentalGel (270)

  • 2 minute set w/70°F water
  • SFX Dental Impressions (20-25 arches per pound)
  • Other Small Projects
  • Fastest setting formula we make
  • Light mint odor and flavor

BabyGel (380)

  • 3 minute set w/80°F water
  • 2 minute set w/95°F water
  • Ideal for baby and child hand and foot projects (3-5 per pound)
  • Good for dog foot projects (2-8 per pound)
  • Can be used for Adult Hand Casting by experienced casters

BucketGel (390)

  • 3 minute set w/90°F water
  • 4:30 set w/70°F water
  • Very smooth mix
  • Best for child and adult hand casting in a small to medium bucket (1-3 per pound)
  • Also used by taxidermists 

HandGel (570)

  • 5 minute set w/70°F water
  • Adult Hand Casting (~1 pound per hand)
  • Adult Foot Casting (~2 pounds per foot)
  • Taxidermy
  • Med to Large Bucket Molds 

FaceGel (590)

  • 5 minute set w/90°F water
  • Face Casting (4 Faces per pound)
  • Head Casting for Experienced Casters (~1 pound per head)
  • Small to Medium Layup Molds 

BodyGel (880)

  • 8 minute set w/80°F water
  • Head Casting (~1 pound per head)
  • Torso Casting (~1.5 pounds per full torso)
  • Full Bodies (~2-3 pounds per body)
  • Large Layup Molds 

ValueGel (470)

  • 4 minute set w/70°F water
  • Small to Medium Layup or Bucket Molds
  • Inexpensive formula for Student Projects
  • Hand Casting (~1.5 pounds per adult hand)


1)  If you're a beginner always err on the side of having MORE working time than you think you need. Its always better to have a little extra time than not quite enough.

2) Warmer water and warmer air temperatures will speed up the setting time of alginates, whereas cooler will slow them down.

3) For more information about alginates, see ALL ABOUT ALGINATE and FAQ

4) If you still have questions, please Contact Us