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Our Products

Our Products

Accu-Cast offers 4 categories of products.

Alginates- Extremely safe, water based molding materials used to make molds of body parts and other objects 

LifeCasting Kits- Complete kits for learning the art of LifeCasting. Choose from 10 different kits.

Supplies for LifeCasting- Other stuff needed for LifeCasting besides Alginate. Supplies get "used up" during the procedures

Tools for LifeCasting- Various tools for mixing, cleaning castings, etc. These items can be used over and over.

  • Baby Hand Casting produced with Accu-Cast Baby Hand Casting Kit. Baby Hand Casting produced with the Accu-Cast Baby Hand Casting Kit. This hard stone casting can last for generations. This one was painted with our Flash Copper Sheer Paint.

    Baby Hand Casting Kit

    Baby Hand Casting Kit FREE SHIPPING on orders of $50 or more. Accu-Cast’s Baby Hand Casting Kit makes it easy to learn this fun and potentially lucrative art form in the privacy of your home. This keepsake kit produces a wonderful replica of the...

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  • Kit is designed to do one or two hands of children up to about the age of 8. Everything is included in the kit. Uses our 380-CC alginate and reusable mold bucket.

    Child Hand Casting Kit

    Child Hand Casting Kit FREE SHIPPING on orders of over $50. Complete Child Hand Casting Kit is an easy and fun way to learn this art form. The kit is complete. EXCLUSIVE BONUS: It even includes a second bag of alginate- just in case the first mold...

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  • This simple kit can do up to two adult hands OR up to 3 children's hand in the same sculpture. The finished casting is white but it can easily be painted.
Mix-In-The-Bag technique makes cleanup a snap.

    Adult Hand Casting Kit

    Adult Hand Casting Kit FREE SHIPPING to Continental US addresses. Pam Starr said, "directions were detailed, and clear, cast came out beautifully". You too can now make a hard stone casting, with amazing detail, of up to two adult hands with...

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  • Family Fun with the Family Hand Casting Kit. Used by thousands of happy families. The pose you choose is up to your imagination. A real keepsake

    Family Hand Casting Kit

    Family Hand Casting Kit FREE SHIPPING to the Continental US The Family Hand Casting Kit is just like our Adult Hand Kit, but bigger. The molding bucket is bigger (8 quarts vs. 4 quarts) There's twice as much alginate (our 570-PGV formula) There's...

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