BodyGel™ (880) Alginate

This is Accu-Cast's new and improved 880 formula. BodyGel™ (880) Alginate is smoother, creamier, snappier, thicker and sets more firmly than its predecessor. It also loses water and shrinks MUCH slower than normal alginates.  Our active R&D department has really come up with a great product here. Try it for your next big project.

Accu-Cast's BodyGel™ 880 Alginate

BodyGel™ (8 minute @ 80 degree water) is a long setting alginate designed for layup molds like heads and full torsos. The low slump property makes it much easier to apply than common alginates while reducing waste- making it much more economical than traditional formulas.

Remember:  "880" = setting in 8 minutes when using 80°F water. Blue. 

880 was one of our oldest formulas. Early this year, we used some of the new things we've learned about alginate to significantly improve it. It's so much better that it deserved to have a new name. BodyGel™ (880) still sets in 8 minutes when using 80°F water. Its still recommended for large layup molds, and it still captures an amazing amount of detail in the mold which transfers directly to the casting.

Smooth & Creamy

The BodyGel™ 880-B Alginate mixes smoother and more creamy than the old formula. It has a thickness that allows it to applied easily but it resists running better than before. When the old 880 was nearing its final set, continuing to "work" the alginate produced bumps and lumps on the outer alginate surface and the new BodyGel™ Alginate formula does not. These bumps too often caused small dips and depressions on the final cast. This was due primarily to operators who "stretched" the plaster bandages tightly across the alginate surface, but still fewer bumps are better.

The BodyGel™ (880) formula sets more "snappily" than before which means you have a little more "working time" with it.

Firm & Flexible

The BodyGel™ (880) formula sets firmer (harder) and yet its "flexibility before breaking" and "tear strength" are both significantly higher than before. This means it can be applied thinner than most alginates. This is great because it saves you money and because the lighter load of alginate pulls downward on the skin less than thicker applications of alginate. Less gravity-distortion.