Honestly we've never seen a paint as popular as Modern Masters "Flash Copper Sheer". When we do LifeCastings, at least 90% of everyone says, "I want that one" when given a choice.

Flash Copper Sheer is a water based brush-on type of paint. It is semi-transparent, opalescent, and metal flake at the same time. It is almost white, but has a warm, coppery glow to it. The light seems to be coming from within the casting and the highlights dance across the surface as you move around the LifeCasting.

We recommend thinning it with water a little and painting it on in thin coats with a flat brush, stroking until the brush marks disappear.

One six fluid ounce jar is enough to do hundreds of baby hand or foot casts. 

It can be difficult to find in local paint stores (we have a dickens of a time) so we're offering this paint as a service to our customers. For more information, go to www.modernmasters.com

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