Phase2Gel Dental Alginate

$18.44 - $87.00


Phase2Gel Dental alginate is our "Color-Changing Fast-Set" alginate designed to save you money while producing excellent quality impressions.

Phase2Gel turns bright pink when it is first mixed. This pink color fades to white about 30 seconds before it sets, telling the operator when to insert the tray. This means less panic when mixing and loading the tray, less time in the patient's mouth, and better impressions.


Pseudoplasticity is a rheological term referring to a liquid that reduces its viscosity when a shear force is applied. Our exclusive formula mixes thick, but actually thins out when being pushed up over the teeth. Once in place, the viscosity immediately returns to normal. Better impressions and fewer gagging patients are the result.


Our alginates employ a remarkably effective dust suppression technology. Safer for the dental assistant and the patient.

Phase2Gel wets quickly and mixes smoothly. Light pink color when mixed, white when set. Light spearmint flavor.

Recommended Water Temp 70°F / 21°C
Working Time: ~1:45
Setting Time: ~2:15
Removal from mouth ~2:30

Available in 1 pound canisters. Also available in 5 pound and 10 pound refill bags.