Power Mixer- Large


This Power Mixer attached to an electric drill is the most efficient way to mix larger amounts of alginate or LiquiStone. Anytime you are mixing a pound or more of alginate, you should consider a Power Mixer. For smaller quantities, a sturdy kitchen Whisk works fine.

  1. Attach Power Mixer to your drill.
  2. Make sure the drill is running in reverse (anti-clockwise)
  3. Measure out the alginate and put it in the bucket.
  4. Measure out the water and pour it onto the alginate powder.
  5. Mix slowly at first, increasing speed once the powder is mixed in.

Even alginate quantities of up to 4 pounds should be able to be mixed in about a minute with this technique using a Large Power Mixer.

Available in two sizes:

  • Medium (for 1/2 pound to about 2 pounds)
  • Large (for 1 1/2 pounds up to about 4 pounds- for larger quantities, split the batch in two and mix with two Power Mixers)