Mix-In-The-Bag alginates and LiquiStone are our idea. This method of mixing is what we include in all our lifecasting kits. No mess and cleanup is a snap.


The Simplest and Cleanest Way to Mix

Mix-in-the-Bag Alginates and LiquiStones are offered as replacements for those that come with our LifeCasting Kits.
Available in sizes

  • For 1-quart buckets (Child Hand Casting Kit) 
  • For 4-quart buckets (Adult Hand Casting Kit).
  • For 8-quart buckets (Extra Large Hand Casting Project)
MIB Size/Type Product Fill Weight # of bags
1-quart alginate 380-CC 6 ounces 1
4-quart alginate 570-PGV 1.5 pounds 1
8-quart alginate 570-PGV 1.5 pounds 2
1-quart LiquiStone LiquiStone 18.2 ounces


4-quart LiquiStone LiquiStone 3.35 pounds 1
8-quart LiquiStone LiquiStone 3.35 pounds 2









Mix-In-the-Bag is the simplest and cleanest way to mix. When you're done, just toss out the messy bag- no cleaning of bowls, mixers, etc.

We pre-measure the alginate and/or LiquiStone for you and tell you how much water to add for a perfect mix. Easy Peasy.

The Accu-Cast Hand Casting Buckets are also available.

When you order Refills for our LifeCasting Kits, most of them are "Mix-in-the-Bag". That includes our Baby Hand Kit, Child Hand Kit, Adult Hand Kit, Half Torso Kit, Foot Kit, and Finger Casting Kit.