What Casting Material Can I Use?

Acceptable casting materials are:

  • Plaster of Paris (really too soft for most applications)
  • LiquiStone (really perfect for most applications- but hard and stiff)
  • Other Gypsum Cements (Hydrocal, Hydrostone- anything over about 6,000 psi strength)
  • Forton FG (This fortified gypsum product can be "filled" with various metal powders)
  • Silicone (expensive and you MUST use the "platinum catalyzed" silicone or it takes too long to set)
  • Urethane (must use very quick setting urethane)
  • Wax (works fine- but be careful- its hot and stays that way for a while)

Casting materials with which alginate has problems:

  • Acrylic resins (the water in the mold tends to cloud the surface)
  • Tin-catalyzed silicone (takes way too long to set up- mold distorts)
  • Metals (poured metals boil out the water and destroy the mold quickly)
  • Any casting material that would be adversely affected by a moist mold)

We encourage you to experiment and let us know if you find something new. We'd love to share it with the world.