What Size Pieces of Plaster Bandage Should I Use?

Different types of projects require cutting your plaster bandages into different sizes. Here's what you should know.

Plaster Bandage Pieces?

A plaster bandage should generally stretch across the mold from side to side. To save time, cut all your bandages to length before you begin.

  • For a Face Mold, you should prepare 20 pieces that are 10 inches long, 12 pieces that are 6 inches long and 10 pieces that are just one inch or so in length.
  • For a Head Mold you should prepare all your bandages in 10 inch lengths. They are easily manageable at this length.
  • For a Torso Mold, we have found that 12-14 inch lengths are ideal.

Feel free to experiment with this and if you come up with something different, let us know.