What Is the Working Time and Demold Time of Liquistone?

Working Time

Typically LiquiStone has about a 12-15 minute working time before it gets too thick to move around. This can be extended by using very cold water or accelerated by using warm water

Demolding Time

Typically LiquiStone has set firmly enough to for the casting to be removed from the alginate in one hour. Under no circumstances should a LiquiStone casting be left sitting in the alginate mold for more than about 5 hours. This can actually degrade the surface of the LiquiStone or begin to cause mold to form.

Accelerating the whole thing

If you think you will be in a rush to get the casting out of the mold use the following steps.

  1. Measure out your water 1 hour ahead of time
  2. Throw a handful of LiquiStone into the water and stir it up.
  3. When it is time to mix the LiquiStone for your pour, use this thin stone/water mix.

The small amount of LiquiStone in the water will form crystals which will act as nucleating sites that will kick the main batch of LiquiStone to set much faster. Be careful because you will have less working time too.