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Accu-Cast FAQs

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  1. How much alginate do I need? As you may know, there are two basic types of alginate molds- The "Bucket Mold (hands, etc.)" and the "Layup Mold (faces, torsos, etc.)". THE SHORT ANSWER Baby Hand Cast: ~3.5 ounces in a 16 ounce cup with 14 fl. oz. of water Child Hand Cast: ~6 ounces in a 32 ounce cup with 26 fl. oz. of ...
  2. What is the shelf life of Accu-Cast alginate? Properly stored at room temperature (73°F/ 23°C) in a low humidity environment (below 50% RH), these products have a shelf life of 18 months from date of manufacture in unopened containers.
  3. How long does Accu-Cast alginate take to cure? Our alginate product names give basic information about their alginate setting times. The three number sequence refers to the setting time at a particular water temperature. (For example, under ideal conditions, FaceGel (590) alginate will set in about 5 minutes when using 90°F water and ...
  4. How do you mix Accu-Cast alginate? Depending on how much alginate you are mixing different mixing techniques work better than others. VIDEOS Mixing a Medium Amount of Alginate with a Mixing Stick This technique works best with up to about 1 or 1.25 pounds of alginate Mixing Alginate "In-The-Bag" This technique works ...
  5. Which Accu-Cast alginate should I use? Accu-Cast makes a good number of alginate formulas. This is because there are so many different types of projects people like to do. We are NOT a "One Size Fits All" compromise type of company so the following information will help you decide. TWO TYPES OF MOLDS There are two basic types of ...
  6. How do I clean up Accu-Cast alginate? As you may know, alginate doesn't stick to non-porous surfaces like skin and table tops. It DOES, however, stick to your shirt or to the carpet. We've all done it. Get a little enthusiastic in your mixing or application and alginate ends up somewhere it shouldn't and you've got an alginate ...
  7. Casting Materials FAQ The alginate mold is the "negative" of your object. The idea is to pour some type of casting material into the mold to create a "positive" sculpture of your object. We get all kinds of questions about this. Here are some answers: What casting materials can I use? Acceptable casting ...
  8. Plaster Bandages FAQ What are Plaster Bandages for? As discussed elsewhere, there are two types of lifecasts- Bucket Molds and Layup Molds. In a layup mold, the alginate is spread fairly thinly onto the surface of the skin, like in a face or torso mold. As such the alginate requires a structural support so it ...
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